Celebrating the 200th birthday of Charles Dickens

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The Charles Dickens Museum re-opening

Charles Dickens Museum London
Mon, 10th December 2012


The Charles Dickens Museum has been undergoing an extensive £3.1m redevelopment project this year.  Now, we are almost ready to open the doors of our beautifully restored Museum…

“Ideas, like ghosts… must be spoken to a little before they will explain themselves.”

Great Expectations is an exciting £3.1million project to restore and redevelop the Charles Dickens Museum as a legacy for the Dickens bicentenary in 2012. The project, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, aims to preserve and enhance the special atmosphere of the historic house as well as carry out important works to protect the structure of the building, improve access and provide a richer visitor experience. At the heart of the project is the Museum’s expansion and redisplay of rooms at 48 Doughty Street, returning them to their traditional Victorian appearance. The new room displays will enhance our understanding of Dickens, his time and works, while bringing to life the richness of Victorian customs. Visitors entering the building will feel as if Dickens has just left the building and might return at any moment. The stories and customs relating to each room will be told by Dickens himself, using his words and descriptions of domestic life in the Victorian era.

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