Celebrating the 200th birthday of Charles Dickens

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" A Dickens of a Tour: Charles Dickens in Washington"

Tour starts at Cosi, 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC
December 2012


! Walk through time with us and see the city of Washington as you’ve never seen it ... through anecdotes and scenes! These outdoor performances combine history and theater in an exciting way. All shows are accessible and interactive. This is our 12th year celebrating Charles Dickens visits to Washington in the 19th century. On this unusual stroll we’ll tell you about his visits, what he said and where he ate and what our city was like during the periods when he stayed here. All this and we’ll learn how to celebrate a Victorian style Christmas. Whilst you hear the tales of his visits, watch our actors perform a special adaptation of “A Christmas Carol” outdoors! This tour ends conveniently, in Downtown, near restaurants and shopping. The shows are reasonably priced with tickets for adults at $12 and $6 for those under age 16 (babes in strollers or carriers are free). Information is available through the website at www.historicstrolls.com or 301-588-9255 (tour line) Private tours can also be scheduled for any number of guests at this number. 301-588-9255 The dates for the Dickens Tours.. A Dickens of a Tour: Charles Dickens in Washington” Show dates: Saturday, December 15th, 22nd and Sunday, December 23rd at 12 noon. Tickets: $12 adults, $6 under 16. Military id is half price and tour is accessible. This outdoor production is 85 minutes. Tickets can be purchased from the tour guide or in advance at www.historicstrolls.com. Meets at 10th and E NW at Cosi. (1001 Pennsylvania Ave NW) Call 301-588-9255 for info or mail@historicstrolls.com, www.historicstrolls.com for details and our other tours. A brief description of the merriment.. “A Dickens of a Tour: Charles Dickens in Washington” This brilliant writer paid two visits to the Nation’s Capital and his reviews of the two stays couldn’t have differed more! Shortly after his first visit, he penned “A Christmas Carol”. Is it possible that he created Mr. Scrooge after meeting a Citizen of old Washington City? And, did his understanding and appreciation of Judaism change after his stay with a Washington family? Ponder that thought as you walk in his footsteps. You’ll also witness scenes from his classic Holiday tale performed where he stood over 160 years ago. Done in a quick change style, this “Carol” is our own adaptation from Dickens original classic Holiday tale.

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